January 25, 2013

Staff honored for years of loyal service

Last week, 68 staff members were honored for their years of dedicated service to Lewis & Clark. Watch this nostalgic video and read about some of their favorite memories.
  • Director of housing and orientation Sandi Bottemiller, Law School Facilities Manager Kurt Armstrong, and Administrative Assistant for the Theatre Department Joyce Beeny

This year’s staff recognition lunch held on Friday, January 25, honored 68 staff members for their years of service and dedication to the college.

Joyce Beeny, administrative assistant for the theatre department, and Sandi Bottemiller, director of housing and orientation, were both honored for 35 years of service.

“I’ve found my dream job with a cherry on top—a stimulating and invigorating workplace with a supportive and caring community of faculty, staff, and students,” Beeny said. “No wonder I’ve come back year after year!”

“I love my Lewis & Clark family,” Bottemiller said. “While it hasn’t always been perfect, I recognize and appreciate that my life at L&C has contributed significantly to who I am. I have been challenged and grown both personally and professionally. I have had the distinct pleasure to know thousands of talented and articulate students and have served along side hundreds of dedicated staff whose work and care for our students and their college experiences are marked by authenticity and passion.”

The following video captures Bottemiller’s dedication to Lewis & Clark with a collage of photos from the past 35 years:

Looking back on 30 years at Lewis & Clark, Law School Facilities Manager Kurt Armstrong has several favorite memories. They include being the only person—apart from the Chicago Bulls organization—that got to watch Michael Jordan practice in our gym back in 1992; being a groomsman in Perry and Misty Lam’s wedding in Hawai’i (they were both starting point guards on our basketball teams in the early 1990s); knowing Charlie Brown as a student, and then as he became our crew coach, his becoming Armstrong’s best friend; and taking President Mike Mooney, board members, and alumni along the Lewis & Clark Trail from Missoula, Montana, to Lewiston, Idaho, in 2000 for the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial celebration.

“I talked Mike Mooney into swimming out with me into the middle of a dark lake to hear the coyotes calling as a full moon came over the ridge,” Armstrong said. “I had been out there the night before by myself and was impressed that Mike was game enough to accept my invitation the following day—it can be a little eerie, a little spooky, being out in the middle of a dark lake!”

Armstrong also fondly remembers the summer of 1995 when he hired nine students to clean out and demolish several campus buildings to make way for the construction of the Miller and Fields.

“Dinari Foreman, our men’s basketball coach and former basketball star; Mike Fanger, our former football coach and quarterback; Emal and Aziz Wahab (Zahar’s adopted nephews); a couple of Greg Caldwell’s international students, Chanaka and Tarique; two other football players, Otter and Aggie; and my son Ian worked with me that summer, and it felt like we conquered the world,” Armstrong said.

The staff recognition luncheon celebrates each fifth anniversary of service to Lewis & Clark. Congratulations to following honorees:

Two honored for 35 years of service: Joyce Beeny, administrative assistant, Department of Theatre; and Sandi Bottemiller, director of housing and orientation, Campus Living.

One honored for 30 years of service: Kurt Armstrong, facilities manager, law school.

Four honored for 20 years of service: Stephen Attinasi, science shop supervisor and physics lab coordinator; Sharon Chinn, director of student services and licensing, graduate school; Kelly Wainwright, director of client services, Information Technology; Gerald Wenzel, general maintenance worker, law school.

Seven honored for 15 years of service: Donald Anderegg, carpenter, Facilities Services; Mary Kitchel, administrative coordinator, Counseling Service; Jeremy McWilliams, digital services coordinator, Watzek Library; Diana Meyer, assistant director, Office of Financial Aid; David Ryan, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Robert Truman, assistant director of electronic information services, Boley Library; and Brian White, associate dean and director, International Students and Scholars.

Twelve for 10 years of service: Donald Balsiger, assistant director of admissions and internal operations, Law Admissions; Jeffrey Becker, property manager, Cooley House; Bruce Burns, lead dispatcher, Campus Safety; Janice Carter, operations manager, Facilities Services; Kelly DelFatti, director of sponsored research; Adonica De Vault, associate director of community and career connections, Center for Career and Community Engagement; Lisa Frenz, legal assistant 1, Law Business Services; Rebecca Holt, senior development officer, Institutional Advancement; Marilyn Sbardellati, administrative coordinator, Transportation and Parking; Michael Waddell, assistant treasurer and accountant, Finance Division; Nikki Williams, access services and technology specialist, Watzek Library; Cindy Wong, legal assistant 11, law staff.

Forty-two honored for five years of service: Monica Baker, associate director for athletic development, Institutional Advancement; Jennifer Baumann, director of major gifts, Institutional Advancement; Sharon Bosserman-Benson, director of planned giving, Institutional Advancement; James Bunnelle, acquisitions and collection development librarian, Watzek Library; Lucrecia Choto, associate director, Overseas and Off-campus Programs; Carma Corcoran, Indian law summer school coordinator; Se-ah-dom Edmo, Indigenous Ways of Knowing program coordinator; Christopher Fantz, head swim coach, aquatics director, and instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Judy Gibson, dispatcher, Campus Safety; Morgan Grether, director of new media, Public Affairs and Communications; John Hancock, associate dean of students, director of wellness services, and chief psychologist; Minda Heyman, director, Center for Career and Community Engagement; Alexander Hickman, field technician I, Information Technology; Powell Houser, carpenter, Facilities Services; Jorge Juarez, reference librarian, Boley Library; Jesse Keen, associate director for corporate and foundation relations, Institutional Advancement; Robert Klonoff, dean of law school and professor of law; Tamara Ko, administrative specialist, Office of the Dean of Students; Thomas Lehman, assistant director and logistics manager, College Outdoors; Rebecca Martinez Griffin, assistant director, Business Law Programs; Andrew McPheeters, associate vice president, Institutional Advancement; Damian Miller, coordinator of instructional technology and program assessment, Office of the Dean of the Graduate School; Emily Miller, web content producer and manager, Public Affairs and Communications; Mark Minty, assistant athletic director, facilities and event manager, Physical Education and Athletics; Nicholas Mobley, campus safety officer; Hanna Neuschwander, director of communications, graduate school; Gabriel Parque, ceramics and sculpture technical supervisor, Department of Art; William Penn, director, Public Interest Law; Matthew Robins, technical director, Department of Theatre; Sharla Sevy, payroll manager, Human Resources; Sharon Sexton, associate director, Physical Education and Athletics; Philip Shaw, campus safety officer; Tanya Sloan, senior associate director, Alumni and Parent Programs; Tracy Sullivan, director of career services, law school; Jill Severson, circulation attendant, Watzek Library; Molly Taylor, admissions clerk, Law Admissions; Julia Unangst, director, Summer Sessions; Michelle Van Orsow, public relations and communications specialist, Public Affairs and Communications; Richard Voegtlin, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Aaron Whiteford, director of annual giving, Institutional Advancement; and Maxwell Williams, groundskeeper, Facilities Services.