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Dixon Award Gives English Majors Research, Travel Opportunities

Casey Newbegin BA ’12 is one of more than a dozen recipients of the English department’s Dixon Award. The award was established in 2002 by the Dixon Family Foundation through the generosity of Hillary Dixon BA ’99 and Adam Dixon BA ’01.

Each year, the award is given to a junior English major for research and travel in the summer between the junior and senior years. Newbegin was a corecipient of the 2011 award (with Warren Kluber). Dixon Award funds have allowed Lewis & Clark students to conduct research on Katherine Mansfield in New Zealand; Emily Dickinson in Amherst, Massachusetts; and oral traditions in Africa.

“This award stimulates intellectual curiosity and seems to me to propel students forward in their passion not only for literature but also for research,” says Rishona Zimring, associate professor of English and cocurator with Newbegin of Illustrating Modernity. “It expands their horizons in a unique way.”

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