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Information Technology

QuickBytes: iPads

February 05, 2013

QuickBytes are 20 minute sessions about a specific task or topic, followed by a 5 minute break in which to move between sessions. Mix and match your bytes and focus on the skills you’re most interested in!

Session 1 - Top 10 Tips & Tricks - The iPad is a great tool, and fairly easy to use.  There are, however, some non-intuitive functions that can greatly improve your experience.  Learn our favorite tips and tricks, and make your iPad even better!

Session 2 - Apps for Productivity - Sure, we all could spend hours playing Angry Birds or watching streaming videos, but at some point, we have to get some work done!  We’ll share some of the best Apps we’ve found for generating, organizing and accessing documents, spreadsheets and more!

Session 3 - Accessing Your Files and Computer - The iPad can do many things, but there isn’t a lot of storage space. Find out how you can access your files, or better yet, how you access your computer from anywhere using your iPad.