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Information Technology

QuickBytes: Excel

February 05, 2013

QuickBytes are 20 minute sessions about a specific task or topic, followed by a 5 minute break in which to move between sessions. Mix and match your bytes and focus on the skills you’re most interested in!

Session 1 - Filters & Sorting - Once you’ve got your data in Excel, how do you make sense of it?  Without using any fancy formulas or functions, harness the power of the built-in filters and sorting features to quickly look at only the data you want to, in an order that makes sense to you.

Session 2 - Lookups - One of the most common tasks in Excel is the process of looking up specific values within a data set. Learn how to use VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP and MATCH formulas to find the information you need.

Session 3 - Pivot Tables - Learn how to create a PivotTable report—an interactive table that automatically extracts, organizes, and summarizes your data. You can use this report to analyze the data, make comparisons, detect patterns and relationships, and discover trends.