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Our Journey Forward

February 06, 2013

  • © Steve Hambuchen

At Lewis & Clark, we have a proud tradition of moving ahead by building on our proven and rising strengths. We are now poised and ready to go even farther, this time guided by The Journey Forward:A Lewis & Clark Strategic Plan for 2020.

Our goal is ambitious but straightforward and achievable: To move Lewis & Clark into the first rank of colleges and universities—a top choice nationally for programs where we already excel, and an institution to which people across the nation and the world turn for distinctive leadership in 21st-century higher education.

This plan lays out the strategic priorities we will pursue for Lewis & Clark today, in 2020, and beyond. It also identifies where we will need to develop our resources going forward and why. And it declares our resolve to take advantage of the changing landscape in higher education to invest in the future, confident that by planning wisely now we will flourish then.

The plan’s vitality lies in its recognition that
 each of our three schools pursues a distinct mission while sharing a common endeavor: We ensure that all students across the institution develop a generous breadth of vision and the expertise needed to meet the challenges of complex and changing environments. Each of our schools takes pride in meeting this ideal in ways unique to its own mission and the needs of its students.

At the same time we also share common attributes that establish the foundation for our shared vision of the future.

▪ Our preeminent faculties in all three schools 
are uncommonly committed to collaborating with students inside and outside the classroom to provide outstanding educational experiences.

▪ We are among the best in the nation at providing students with opportunities for truly enriching international experiences and education.

▪ We provide students in all three schools significant programs in environmental scholarship, education, and engagement.

▪ With our location in Portland, and as stewards 
of one of the most beautiful campuses in America, we provide vibrant opportunities for students to put their education to work through engaged learning in a global city. 

We focus on specific priorities not at the expense of our many other strengths, but rather to raise all
 our programs in tandem with the tide of support and increased visibility we will generate for Lewis & Clark.

The Journey Forward is a plan born from the work of a large, representative group of stakeholders. You’ll find more information about the process we followed, as well as highlights of the plan, in this issue of the Chronicle. 

We are now ready to implement this plan.
That’s why I invite you and every member of the Lewis & Clark community to find your place in bringing this vision to reality. Whether you have a zeal
 for entrepreneurship, athletics, faculty-student collaboration, community engagement, or one of our other current and emerging strengths, your active participation ensures our success. 

So, my invitation is now also my charge: Read
 the plan in full.
You will discover ideas that resonate with your own Lewis & Clark experience and priorities that will be met through the support of our worldwide community. 

Join us on our journey forward. 


Barry Glassner

The Chronicle Magazine

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