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Form W2 is now available in WebAdvisor

February 08, 2013

Need copies of your Form W-2 for tax purposes, mortgages, FAFSA’s, proof of employment, etc.?

WebAdvisor has been updated to include PDF copies of your Form W-2 for the last 3 years, 2010, 2011, and, 2012. 

You can now view and print copies of these forms as you have need for them.

In order to receive your electronic W2’s you need to provide your consent in WebAdvisor. 

Once you do so, you will not have to repeat this process every time you wish to view or print a Form W2.

  • Log into WebAdvisor as you normally would and choose “Employees.”
  • Click on W2 Statement.
  • If you have not yet consented to receive W2s electronically, click the “OK” button.  It will take you to the consent or no-consent statements.  Choose the consent statement (I agree), if you wish to view these forms electronically.
  • Use only one click on the Year that you wish to view as a PDF.  You may view, save to alternate location/drive, or print the PDF.
  • Close the PDF to return to WebAdvisor.  You can view an alternate year, or perform any other task in WebAdvisor.
  • When you have completed your mission, please remember to close WebAdvisor and your browser.

Please contact HR at x 6235, with any questions or concerns.

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