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Gallery exhibit featured on local art site

September 10, 2009

The Hoffman Gallery catches the attention of local arts blogs with its provocative new exhibit, Broadcast.

PORT, a website dedicated to catalyzing critical discussion and disseminating information about art in Portland, recently interviewed artist Gregory Green from his installation within the Hoffman Gallery. Watch the video of Green’s interview and read what PORT says about Broadcast.

A local blog that offers a guide to Portland’s art events and exhibitions discusses Broadcast in a recent post. The blogger writes, “The collection covers the late era of mass broadcast media, repurposed by artists. Radio and broadcast media receivers have achieved nearly 100% penetration in American homes, but it is the end of their era.”

In another Portland-based blog that focuses on the hybrids between media, the blogger offers this review of Broadcast: “The show is startling with historical content, though feels much more open than most video-based exhibitions where one travels from darkened room-to-room.”

Learn more about Broadcast and see a slideshow of images from the exhibition.


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