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Student group encourages and diversifies dance

March 21, 2013

A student club formed by two friends interested in dance has evolved into an active and engaging forum where those who love dance can participate and learn freely. Founded in 2010 by Lydia Aimone ’13 and Morgan Deters ’13, the 20-member Swing and Ballroom Dance club will offer its first-ever feature-length performance on Friday evening.

“There are so many different forms of social dance—swing, tango, Latin, blues, etc.—and different variations of each,” Aimone said. “My goal for this club is that we can all share that knowledge with each other and grow as dancers. Making it a collaborative effort makes it that much more rewarding.”

Seven members of the group will perform during the Grimm Ballroom Tales, retelling several familiar fairy tales through the medium of ballroom dance.

“The major dances that will be featured are swing, rumba, tango, and salsa,” Aimone, performance choreographer and director, said. “I chose the specific dances to fit with the stories. For example, the story that features swing is humorous and light, while the story that features tango is dark and intense. The audience should expect to experience the different moods and emotions of each dance, as well as the beauty and versatility.”

Though this is the group’s final performance of the year, the club will continue to meet each week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and welcome new members.

“We don’t want to discourage anyone from participating because they feel that they do not have as much experience with dance,” Aimone said. “We are always looking for new faces, whether or not they have dance experience, because everyone has something to offer or take away from our group.”

The Grimm Ballroom Tales performance begins at 8 p.m. in Evans Auditorium on Friday, March 22.


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Blue Lassiter CAS ’15 contributed to this story.

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