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Professor Clare featured in Portland Upside

September 08, 2009

Last January, Counseling Psychology professor Mary Clare set out to conduct 100 interviews in 100 days on the topic of what change means. She called the journey EX:Change, and her goal was to create capture diverse perspectives on the concept of change throughout America in 2009. 

In the project’s inagural blog post, she writes: “I find myself drawn to documenting some of what is actually a necessary and immediately practical conversation – a national conversation on the nature of this change we say we want. What do Americans mean when we say change? What specifically do we want to see changed? What do we want to retain, or keep the same? How will we recognize change as it develops? What is a fair representation of the range of American priorities for change? And among and beneath the myriad differences in our definitions and goals, what do we agree on?”

A recent issue of The Portland Upside features an article about Clare’s project. You can also read more on the project’s blog and view many of her interviews on YouTube.



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