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Learn about our Living Laboratory partnership with OMSI, April 18

April 15, 2013

What’s a more “everyday encounter with science” than viewing your own family through the lens of a scientist?

The Living Laboratory project helps families do just that by engaging visitors in research-based demonstrations or inviting them to take part in short studies that cognitive scientists are conducting in OMSI’s Discovery Lab. Through the Living Laboratory project, OMSI hopes to start conversations about human development and early learning that will increase the scientific literacy for visitors and staff, and provide opportunities for researchers to improve their ability to communicate effectively about scientific concepts.

Join Janet Davidson, associate professor of psychology, and OMSI senior educator Annie Douglass on Thursday, April 18 from 12-1 p.m. at OMSI (1945 SE Water Avenue) in Classroom 2 for a discussion about this National Science Foundation funded project.

In this brown bag, Janet and Annie will discuss some of the research studies that are underway, including: Do age and genetics influence cognitive control in preschoolers? When do young children begin to understand emotions in others? How is creativity affected by color of material and naming of creations? How can children control their impulses when their brains are not fully developed? They will also share information about results of the partnership so far, research toys, and how you can be involved!