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5 tips for communicating summer hours and closures

April 23, 2013

With the semester almost over and summer coming here are a few things that can help the switchboard operator transfer calls more quickly and accurately:
  1. All departments, faculty, and staff should update their voice mail to include summer hours, dates that they will be out of the office, and who to call with questions if the office is closed.  
  2. Make sure that voice mail boxes are not full. 
  3. Check all web pages to make sure that staff and faculty names, and numbers have been updated. If appropriate, please ensure that business hours and any closures are included on each department web page.
  4. If faculty will be leading trips during the summer, or for overseas or college outdoors trips, please let the switch board know how to handle phone calls from parents. 
  5. Please let the switchboard know if a department will be closed for the summer and where calls should be sent.
Messages can be sent to the switch board by emailing Stephanie Takashima <> with a cc: to the Copy Center where the switchboard is housed (
Moira Domann
Purchasing Manager

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