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Infonet to WebAdvisor update

May 01, 2013

In our ongoing process to migrate services from Infonet to WebAdvisor, our first round of WebAdvisor updates will be released on Thursday, May 2.  These updates are geared toward faculty’s use of WebAdvisor.  After initial development, we asked a small group of faculty from all three schools to review the changes and provide us with further feedback.  Some of the new enhancements that we are releasing include:

  • Student Pictures on Rosters for classes and advisees

  • The ability to see students’ course schedules

  • A link to send to your class’ Google Group from WebAdvisor

  • The ability to see a student’s history of classes with you

Many of the requests that we heard from faculty at our focus groups last December are already part of WebAdvisor.  These include:

  • The ability to view past, current and future course and advisee rosters

  • The ability to email individual students from WebAdvisor

  • The ability to view advisees’ transcripts

  • The ability to see a student’s permanent address

We are continuing development of other features that were requested for the faculty portion of WebAdvisor.  WebAdvisor additions that we continue to explore include:

  • The ability and need to view transcript data for students across the institution

  • A quick view of advisees who have been released for registration

We are also continuing to develop access to budget information through WebAdvisor.  This change will be less dramatic in that it will look and function very similar to budget access through Infonet.

There will be more information on WebAdvisor changes as they become available in the next several weeks. IT continues to strive to provide faculty and staff the opportunity to use Infonet and WebAdvisor side-by-side and to provide us with feedback on missing functionality.


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