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Fantastic Four

July 02, 2012

When Jeanie Mullins starts classes as a first-year student this fall, she’ll have more than the usual campus support. She’s the youngest of four sisters to attend Lewis & Clark College in the last six years.

Jeanie and her sisters—Jessica BA ’10, Jennifer BA ’12, and Jet’aime, a senior— are part of a strong tradition of families who have chosen Lewis & Clark.

“I am really lucky to have three older sisters pave the way,” Jeanie says. The family tradition started with Jessica, now a web programmer at Columbia Sportswear. With a spot on the softball team and a good financial aid package, Lewis & Clark was her top pick.

And Jennifer thought she would attend a large state school, but in the end decided a liberal arts college would be a better fit. As she says, “I couldn’t have been more right!”

For Jet’aime, following in her sisters’ footsteps was out of the question at first. But eventually she decided she didn’t want to miss out on time with them.

This fall, the sisters will all live in Portland and plan to enjoy athletics events, live music, frozen yogurt, and visits from parents Pretrina and Walter, who need only one trip from their home in Randle, Washington, to catch up with all of their daughters.

For another legacy story—this one multigenerational—check out an interview with College Archivist Doug Erickson.


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