A miscellany of the new, the intriguing, and the obscure.
A Welcoming Site

Just in time for spring visitors (many of whom are newly admitted students and their parents), Lewis & Clark has opened a new welcome center to provide a friendly gateway to campus. Located in the Campus Safety and Information building, the welcome center is staffed by undergraduate student workers who are ready to answer questions, offer recommendations, and make a warm first impression.

‘Oh, say, did you see?’

Cassie Beucherie, a senior music major, took the stage in January to sing the National Anthem at a Portland Trail Blazer’s basketball game. Frankly, many saw this coming. Given that she’s a member of the record-breaking women’s basketball team and a part of the campus a cappella group Section Line Drive, it only makes sense that her two passions would unite in a stunning performance.

The Classics Never Die

Plato and Aristotle are perennial favorites in the college’s Exploration and Discovery courses. Yet the field of classics, obviously an essential part of the liberal arts, has previously been available only as a minor at Lewis & Clark. However, starting this fall, students will be able to declare classics as a major. Explorare, Discere, Sociare.

A Bridge Too Far (by about 20′)

The Sellwood Bridge, a popular route linking the campus to East Portland, closed for a week in January in preparation for its move north. That’s right, we said “move.” In a dramatic case of the old making way for the new, the existing truss of the Sellwood Bridge was lifted by a system of hydraulic jacks into its new position, becoming a detour bridge while the new bridge is under construction.

As one might predict, there were some traffic snarls. However, Peter Mortola, associate professor of counseling psychology, decided to make his own alternative route by biking to a friend’s houseboat, kayaking across the Willamette, then jogging up the hill to campus!

Something Phishy on Campus

Jerry Greenfield, of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream fame, visited campus in February to talk about “entrepreneurial spirit, social responsibility, and radical business philosophy.” As an early proponent of a values-led business model, he offered insight and anecdotes on how to integrate ethics and sustainability into the corporate world. And yes, following his talk, students enjoyed free ice cream in Stamm.


—Megan Morin CAS ’13 compiled Buzz.