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Naturally Cleaning the Reflection Pool

June 07, 2013

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Fir Acres Estate Gardens

In an effort to make the entire grounds of Lewis & Clark pesticide free by January of 2014, the grounds crew has been experimenting with different ways to manage the landscape organically while adhering to its’ high standards of aesthetics.  One small experiment is to keep our reflection pool clean and pristine without the use of chemicals.  
We are currently conducting a test with barley straw bags for algae control.  Naturally occurring microorganisms decompose the lignins in the barley, releasing humic substances into the water. These compounds are converted into low levels of hydrogen peroxide that modify the pond chemistry to improve water clarity. No harmful effects on vascular aquatic plants, invertebrates, or higher animals has been observed in laboratory or field testing.
If you have any questions, please contact Gabe Bishop at x7848.
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