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The other side of summer: Q&A with Grounds Department student workers

July 15, 2013

  • Fir Acres landscaping
    Fir Acres landscaping
  • JR Howard lawn
    JR Howard lawn
  • Working Hard!
    Working Hard!
  • Manor House Rose Garden
    Manor House Rose Garden
  • Manor House
    Manor House
  • Amy Rosenheim, Alex Schwartz, Devon Synder, and Maritte O'Gallagher
    Amy Rosenheim, Alex Schwartz, Devon Synder, and Maritte O'Gallagher
  • The summer 2013 grounds crew!
    The summer 2013 grounds crew!

This Q&A is the first in a series produced by the Facilities Services department to spotlight and applaud its summer student employees.

Lewis & Clark is nationally known for the beautiful and forest like setting of the campus. All year long, the Grounds Department works to ensure Lewis and Clark is a wonderful place for learning. Many students are happy to talk about how the natural environment enhances the academic experience. Staff and Faculty also regularly mention the surroundings as one of the highlights of working at the college. In the Fall and Spring semesters, a small number of students assist the Grounds Department. During the summer months, Facilities Services increases the number of students employed.

Maintaining the landscaping and all the foliage on campus is year round work, and our students are a very important part of the effort. With a diverse variety of plants and trees on campus, constant work is needed to sustain our grounds. Our dedicated students help ensure that the campus remains an amazing place to study for future generations.

“It is a pleasure to work with students on the landscape here at the college,” Grounds Manager Gabe Bishop said. “Students learn how a Grounds Department operates, and in turn staff learns from the students as well.”

So, remember to get outside and enjoy the campus surroundings. Take a stroll through the Manor House Gardens, or take a nap on the South Campus lawn. However you decide to enjoy the campus; it’s what the students and staff wants us to do!

The following Q&A features Grounds student workers:
  • Devon Synder ’14, Environmental Studies
  • Amy Rosenheim ’14, French Studies and Biology
  • Maritte O’Gallagher ’15, Psychology
  • Alex Schwartz ’14, Rhetoric and Media Studies
What interests you in landscaping?

Devon: Being a part of the behind the scenes work that is so important to our community.

Amy: Learning new horticulture techniques and being able to share that knowledge with others.

Maritte: Hands on problem solving and seeing your work every day on campus through the year.

Alex: Maintaining natural areas, and preserving the landscape for others to enjoy.

Favorite part of summer work for the Grounds department?

Devon and Amy: Working with the amazing Grounds staff! Eight people make this campus look great all year! Tell them hi and thank them for all the hard work they do!

Maritte and Alex: Being outside and playing in the dirt!

All: Down with the Ivy!

How do the aesthetics of campus add to the learning experience?

Devon:  We are lucky to have this place to call “home.” Not all colleges have the surroundings we have here, and Tyron Creek is right next door!

Amy: Feeling like you are in a natural environment fosters a positive learning experience.

Maritte: The campus attracts a certain type of person to Lewis & Clark; environmentally conscious and eager to learn in this type of setting.

Alex: It gives the community members a sense of pride and respect to be involved with such a beautiful campus.

For more information about the campus grounds, contact Gabe Bishop at extension x7848 


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