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Known Issues, Post-Upgrade

Updated: On July 18, 2013 we had a major update to the LiveWhale content management system that runs our site and the server it runs on. All pages, news stories, events, everything across the site, was rebuilt under the hood.

Here are some known issues we are working on:

  • Some department’s events lists are not displaying past events.
  • Some faculty bios are having styling issues that make them display incorrectly or not at all. And there are some access issues for editors. We rebuilt the tool for bios; they are now LiveWhale profiles.
  • “Contact us” areas not displaying correctly. The tool that displays this data was completely rebuilt and some sites have failures. This information is now stored in a department’s Organizational Profiles, a feature we are rolling out to some editors. [FIXED]
  • Page names not displaying correctly in righthand navigation menus. The way page titles work was rebuilt and some navigation menus are having issues.  One solution you can do yourself if you have an issue is editing your navigation at the Your Pages area of the LiveWhale “Manage Your Content” control panel. RENAME the incorrect page title. [FIXED]
  • Photostrips incorrectly displaying. Some sites have the wrong photostrip column showing, or one where there should be none.
  • Some links for outside sources like Facebook are not appearing in the “Contact Us.” The fix is merely resaving your group’s Organizational Profile.
  • Search is returning an “unable to secure connection” error message for some users on WIFI. [FIXED]
  • Custom sites like The Bark, Facilities, Earthrise, etc., are having styling issues that make their pages display incorrectly. [FIXED.]
  • Some navigation menus are not displaying on sites. [FIXED.]
  • The Green is down for maintenance. [FIXED.]
  • Editing pages is offline for some users. [FIXED.]
  • Some GO redirects are failing. [FIXED.]
  • Some event RVSPs are not displaying. [FIXED.]
  • Some special login (SSO) pages timing out. [FIXED.]

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