July 19, 2013

The other side of summer: Q&A with Events/Operations student workers

This Q&A is the second in a series produced by the Facilities Services department to spotlight and applaud its summer student employees.
  • Marisol Jenkins ’15 works in the Office of Conferences and Events during the summer.
  • Roberto Sarabia '13, Nick Nedeau, '14, Carl Nodzenski '14
  • Moving Supplies
  • Working in the Dorms
  • Power Washing
  • Power Washing

This Q&A is the second story in a series produced by the Facilities Services department to spotlight and applaud its summer student employees.

After spring classes end, the summer months bring guests from all over the world to our campus for conferences, events, seminars, and reunions. As one of the busiest times of the year for Facilities Services, the work of student employees helps to ensure summer visitors have a great experience. Producing events for our campus community to enjoy takes the collective work of many; and our students are an invaluable part of the process.

Marisol Jenkins ’15, Psychology major and Rhetoric and Media minor, has worked the past two summers in the Office of Conferences and Events, assisting in all facets of the department. Marisol is involved with client services, event production, and signage coordination. If you have booked or attended events on campus during the summer, you have no doubt seen her contribution.

“Working in the Conferences and Events office has been an amazing learning experience for me, especially since it’s the area I want to work in after graduation,” Jenkins said. “I’ve learned so many things already about event planing—reservations, the creative side, and problem solving. I’m lucky to be here this summer because the department started a new program.”

Also, we now have a group of students working with us called guest services agents (GSA). They support summer camps and conferences and work directly with the conference attendees. They are the on-campus resource for information, room, key, and general problems. The GSA’s also do a lot behind the scenes—maintaining the residence hall rooms and checking supplies. They have been a significant part of the events team.

While some students work closely with event clients, others assist in different capacities. Successful events on campus rely on the work of students behind the scenes. During the summer months, Facilities Services hires a group of students for events preparation. Delivering supplies and coordinating the logistics of equipment is a main function of summer student workers.

Graduation for the three schools, reunions in the summer, and the athletic camps depend of the timely effort of student help. In addition to the set up and break down of the events on campus, Facilities Services utilizes students to perform routine improvements on campus. Tasks such as power washing and off-campus housing cleanup are performed mainly in the summer by student employees. 

“The students are a big asset to Facilities Service in the summertime,” said Janice Carter, facility operations manager. “The students are essential in preparing the campus for the high number of projects we have during the summer, and for readying the buildings when students return in the fall.”

The following Q&A features Events Preparation/Operations student workers:

  • Roberto “Eli” Sarabia ’13, Mathematics
  • Nick Nedeau ’14, Classical Studies and Philosophy
  • Carl Nodzenski, ’14, Studio Art

What will you take from this experience to future jobs?

Eli: Developing good habits such as time management and working with different departments to achieve the same goal.

Nick: Being able to effectively multitask and understanding the structure of a professional department.

Carl: Adapting to different environments and positive thinking while on the job.

All: Safety is a priority! Thanks Bob!

Favorite part of summer work for the Events Preparation department?

Eli: Working with and learning from the Facilities Services staff, and working with my friends in the summer.

Nick: Interacting with the public and working on the “front lines” of some campus events.

Carl: Being involved with the community during the summer and knowing the happenings on campus!

Do you have advice for future Lewis & Clark students?

Eli:  Gain real world experience by working for a campus department, it will help after graduation.

Nick: Take a second to thank an employee for everything they do for the students, and don’t graffiti the campus!

Carl: Go explore and take advantage of the campus; it has so much to offer!