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Michael Kaplan named managing director of Lewis & Clark’s Center for Entrepreneurship

August 26, 2013

President Glassner announced today that Michael Kaplan is the new managing director of Lewis & Clark’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

Kaplan comes to Lewis & Clark with more than 20 years of experience in law, business, entrepreneurship, and investment capital. He has worked in and with organizations from higher education institutions to start-up businesses to Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from energy to health care.

Kaplan holds degrees in economics and law and has lectured at entrepreneurship centers at several universities.

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Lewis & Clark community and the Center for Entrepreneurship’s leadership team!” said Kaplan. “A liberal arts campus is an ideal environment for learning how to be entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship is far broader than ‘starting a business.’ Entrepreneurship in its fullest sense is about exploration, discovery, and collaboration. Entrepreneurs find new ways to create change for the better—in our lives and in the world. That is hard work, but work that is always worth doing. [And] at Lewis & Clark students now have increasing opportunities to learn the skills and practices needed to be entrepreneurial and to better shape their own futures.”

Kaplan cofounded and serves as the managing principal of Revenue Capital Management, a venture capital fund that makes royalty-based investments in growth companies. He is also the cofounder of GK Ventures, which makes equity investments in, and provides advisory services to, early-stage and small companies. He is the 2013-14 president of the Revenue Capital Association, and he recently served as chair for the Portland Angel Network Deal Screening and Investments Committee and as a member of the PAN Executive Committee. Kaplan is a mentor to young entrepreneurs and business founders, and he has active involvement in and personal knowledge of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest’s robust entrepreneurial networks. 

Previously, Kaplan served as the first director of business conduct/legal compliance and business ethics at PacifiCorp; founding entrepreneur-team member, PHI Synfuels; acting president of the start-up Fluid Analytics; manager, special projects at Oregon Health & Science University; and as interim director of the nonprofit Socrates Social Venture Fund at The Aspen Institute.

Kaplan is reachable by email ( and his office is in JR Howard 322.

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