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Ramp to Hwy. 43 south to close for Sellwood Bridge work

August 27, 2013

The ramp from the Sellwood Bridge to Highway 43 southbound will close on Tuesday, September 3 at 6 a.m. to allow for construction of a new interchange.  After the closure, motorized bridge traffic will need to travel north to a new turnaround at SW Taylors Ferry Road to access southbound Highway 43. 

About one quarter of current Sellwood Bridge traffic travels southbound on Highway 43.  The ramp closure is expected to increase travel time by a few minutes between the bridge and Taylors Ferry Road on weekday mornings.  The timing of the traffic signal at Taylors Ferry may be adjusted after the ramp closure to improve traffic flow.  Travelers may also want to consider alternate routes.

Bicyclists and pedestrians traveling between the bridge and River View Cemetery will be able to use a narrow path along the ramp after it is closed to motor vehicles.  In early November a temporary traffic signal at the west end of the bridge will be activated, which will allow bicyclists and pedestrians to cross Highway 43 between the bridge and the cemetery.  At that time, the northbound slip lane of Highway 43 that passes under the bridge will also close permanently. Starting in November, all traffic in the interchange will pass through the temporary signal until the new interchange opens in 2015.

Unfortunately, the steep, narrow area where the interchange is being built does not have space for a temporary ramp to southbound Highway 43.  Later this year, the lanes of Highway 43 will shift west against new retaining walls, which will allow the contractor to start building the east half of the interchange.

Drawings of the existing interchange, the new turnaround at Taylors Ferry, and the traffic changes that will happen after Labor Day can be viewed at

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