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Embedding an Inline Gallery in a Web Page

How to embed a gallery in your web page.

The galleries widget normally displays a list of galleries with links to view a slideshow of their images. It is sometimes desirable to embed a gallery slideshow directly in your web page. In such cases, you can use the special inline gallery widget.

Typically an inline gallery widget will be given an id for the gallery that you wish to use. If you do not know the id of the gallery, find it in the galleries manager where the id will be displayed.

Along with an id, you must supply either an image width or image height (or both) specifying the gallery’s image sizes when embedded in your web page.

If you do not wish to specify a particular gallery to use, and would rather select one via tag, etc., you may use one of the available args for this purpose.

Inline galleries can be created from the widget editor.

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