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Setting Up Templates for Widgets

There are a few ways to configure a template to be used for widgets that have a details view (such as news, events, galleries, forms, and tags).

1) In most cases, a default template for your group should be used.

To manage users and groups you must be an administrator.

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Groups” link at the top righthand corner of the screen.

Click the name of the group you wish to change the default template for.

On the group edit page, enter the url (labeled “News Url”, “Events Url”, etc.) to the template that should be the default for this group. For example: /academics/news.php

2) If your widget should use a custom template for that widget only, you may specify the url using the “item_url” arg. For example: <arg id=”item_url”>/academics/news.php</arg>

3) If neither of these options are used, the template url will be obtained from the global CMS setting. Administrators can configure the system-wide LiveWhale defaults by editing the /livewhale/client/public.config.php file. Typically this will have been done once when LiveWhale is first configured.

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