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Adding and Editing a Widget

For a general overview of widgets and what they do, please read “About widgets”.

From the LiveWhale interface, click the “Widgets” link and then click “Add a new widget”.

Select the type of widget you wish to add from the dropdown menu labeled “Select a widget”.

All possible arguments for the widget will display. Required arguments have a red asterisk, all others are optional. These parameters will allow you to control what content is displayed (for example, only items tagged “Homecoming”), what order they appear in, how they are presented, etc.

To preview the results this widget would produce, click “Widget preview”.

The widget syntax will display in a box labeled “Widget syntax”. If you do not wish to save this widget for later use, the syntax can be copied and pasted into your page. If you wish to save this widget with a name, enter the name at the top of the page, select whether to make this widget available to all LiveWhale users or only members of your group, and click the “Save this widget” button. (See “Adding a widget to a web page” for more information.)

When done, you may insert the widget into your page and, once saved, your widget will begin displaying results.

For information about formatting widgets in a custom way, please see “Using the format arg in widgets”.

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