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Pub/Comm spends retreat with Oregon Food Bank

September 23, 2009

  • Public Affairs and Communications

Public Affairs and Communications spent the morning of September 22 volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank as part of its annual staff retreat.

Joining forces with a contingent of volunteers from Fed-Ex, the Pubcom group helped sort and pack 12,245 pounds of food for shipping to food pantries and service agencies—enough for an estimated 9,400 meals.

In the past, the activity part of our retreat has been devoted to a raucous bowling outing, but we felt that volunteering at the Food Bank would be more meaningful this year – and more appropriate given the recession and the struggles of many Oregon families. I would definitely recommend this to other Lewis & Clark groups and individuals. The Food Bank is very skilled at putting volunteers to  good use and creating a meaningful experience that really benefits people.

Tom Krattenmaker
Associate VP, Public Affairs and Communications
Lewis & Clark College