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President Glassner reflects on homecoming in Chronicle of Higher Education commentary

October 07, 2013

  • Lewis & Clark President Barry Glassner

As colleges and universities celebrate homecoming around the country, alumni are flocking to their alma maters. In the midst of the parades and parties that mark these gatherings, these former students are inevitably reflecting on the trajectories of their post-graduation lives and those of their classmates.

Such is the basis for a new Chronicle of Higher Education commentary piece co-authored by Lewis & Clark President Barry Glassner, who next year will attend his own homecoming and reunion. Co-author of the piece, Morton Schapiro, is president of Glassner’s alma mater—Northwestern University.

“Colleges are not the only places that afford young people opportunities to mature,” Glassner and Schapiro write. “But it is difficult to think of anywhere that generates as many lifelong friendships and enduring memories. The urge to come back again and again is the strongest evidence of the power these places still hold on our hearts and lives.”



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