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Celebrating The Howard Years at Lewis & Clark: 1960-1981

October 28, 2013

  • President John R. Howard, 1922-2013
    President John R. Howard, 1922-2013
  • Provost Jane Atkinson
    Provost Jane Atkinson

This Friday, all campus community members are invited to a special event honoring the legacy of President John R. “Jack” Howard, who led Lewis & Clark from 1960 to 1981. Howard died earlier this year at age 90.

The Source asked Provost Jane Atkinson about the significant impact of Howard’s leadership and the upcoming celebration of his life.

What were some of Howard’s accomplishments?

Over 21 years, his leadership forever changed the academic stature and physical imprint of the college, including in the following ways:

  • He launched our overseas and off-campus study program, now entering its 51st year.
  • He doubled the number of full-time College of Arts and Sciences faculty and students.
  • He presided over the merger of the college with Northwestern College of Law, creating a day program at the law school with full-time faculty and students to complement the existing evening program.

Which campus buildings were built under his leadership?

You cannot walk far on campus without encountering a building that bears Howard’s mark in some way or another. He led the construction of the law school campus, and many small renovation projects that vitalized campus life. Some of the major building projects include the following:

  • Aubrey Watzek Library
  • Agnes Flanagan Chapel
  • Pamplin Sports Center with Zehntbauer Swimming Pavilion
  • Fir Acres Theatre
  • Olin Center for Physics and Chemistry
  • Residence halls: Copeland, Forest, Hartzfeld, and a major remodel of Platt/Howard
  • Major expansion of Templeton Campus Center—including the addition of Council Chamber

What are the highlights of The Howard Years celebration happening this Friday, November 1?

Although we will not be able to do complete justice to recognizing his legacy, we have created a program that provides a springboard for this recognition:

3 p.m.

Exhibition of Howard’s accomplishments at Lewis & Clark. Diane Gregg Pavilion.

4 p.m.

Program featuring faculty, administrators, and alumni, including President Barry Glassner, life trustee Robert B. Pamplin ’64, Stephen Dow Beckham, Dinah Dodds, Vern Jones, Ron Lansing, Jean Ward, and Amelia Wilcox ’81. Agnes Flanagan Chapel.

5 p.m. 

Reception. Stamm Dining Room.

This event will bring together current community members as well as members from the classes of graduates who attended Lewis & Clark during Howard’s presidency.


All of the events are free. Register online here or call our main line at 503-768-7950.


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