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Changes to how events display on campus digital screens

To have a better chance of promoting your event across campus screens, we’ve cleaned out some old tags, created a special tag in cases where you don’t want to your event to display and increased the number of events.

Out with the Old

We are no longer using “send-to-undergraduate-screens”, “send-to-graduate-screens”, and “send-to-law-screens” tags. After our latest updates to LiveWhale, these tags became obsolete.

The three requirements for events to display on digital screens are, still:

1) A Title

2) A Summary

3) A Mapped Location

Institutional events are posted on ALL THREE campuses so you will see a larger flow of events.

Display Screen Times of Display and Geolocation

have also changed:

1) 12 Days or 30 Events whichever is less BUT a minimum of four events

2) Geolocation within 10 miles of PDX

How to Exclude your Event with “no-screens” tag

We created a single exclusionary tag for events that shouldn’t be displayed on the screens.

That tag is “no-screens” and it is active now.


With the flood of  more events we’ve temporarily “excluded” a few institutional groups until we determine a better way to  filter content.

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