November 18, 2013

Global Perspectives

Lewis & Clark’s overseas and off-campus programs provide students with unique academic and cultural experiences.

For over 50 years, Lewis & Clark has been committed to international study. The Overseas and Off-Campus Program is one of our most distinguishing features, attracting students from—and sending students to—every corner of the globe. More than 60 percent of our undergraduate students choose to study abroad, often in countries outside of Western Europe.


U.S. News & World Report has recognized Lewis & Clark’s overseas and off-campus program as one of the best in the nation two years in a row, and the college was recently named one of the top 10 baccalaureate institutions for semester- and year-long overseas programs.

Students who study abroad learn firsthand about the history, culture, and contemporary issues of a region or country. They come to better understand the way people of their host country view the rest of the world, while gaining insights into their own culture.

At Lewis & Clark, overseas study is an integral part of the overall academic experience. When students return, they apply their newfound knowledge and insight to their courses of study and to their lives after college.


  • Studying abroad was an opportunity to connect with other people and gain a better understanding of how the rest of the world thinks and views the United States. – Ana Frigo ’14

  • Studying abroad gave me the perfect opportunity to not only travel out of the country, but to completely immerse myself in another culture. – Taylor Herbert ’14

  • Studying for two semesters in Kyoto allowed me to really delve into the Japanese language. – Joshua Kaplan ’13

  • Being out of the U.S. for months at a time gives you a whole new perspective on life and makes you realize what a small portion of the globe you inhabit. – Alex Grinberg ’14







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