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Think Thank!

November 18, 2013

  • Think Thank! runs from November 25 through December 6th
    Think Thank! runs from November 25 through December 6th

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and Campus Living are running a campus-wide gratitude letter campaign from:

Monday November 25th - Friday December 6th
As Thanksgiving approaches, who in your life would you like to thank?  Join the Think Thank!
To Participate:
  1. Pick someone in your life for whom you are very grateful. Write a letter of gratitude to him or her - and make it a real tribute, saying how you were/are helped as result of this person’s presence in your life.
  2. Over the telephone, or in person if possible - Read this gratitude letter to the person to whom it was written.
  3. Share your experience here with just two short questions.
For more information on this idea, see the The Science of Happiness - an Experiment in Gratitude! on YouTube.
Join others in the Think Thank!
Think Thank gatherings at the following locations: 
Monday, November 25th - Noon in the Trail Room
Monday November 25th - 7:00 pm in Room 112 of the Basement of Flanagan Chapel

**If you live in the residence halls, see you RA for more information about the Think Thank gathering on your floor**

For more information:

Jeanne Lilly, Ph.D.
Contemplative and Spiritual Life Coordinator
Religious and Spiritual Life Office

For more information:

Religious and Spiritual Life
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