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Join the Pio-Points community challenge

November 26, 2013

Hello Lewis & Clark Faculty and Staff!

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about a new community challenge, sponsored by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), called Pio-Points!

The challenge is simple: Get more involved by attending Lewis & Clark College sponsored events, earn points for your attendance and win prizes:

  • A 2014-2015 parking pass
  • iPads
  • iPad minis
  • iPods
  • LC gear
  • vouchers to the bon
  • …and more!

The Challenge ends on Monday, April 28.

Questions? Please contact:

Drew LeDonne (SAAC Co-Chair) at,

Glenna Andrews (SAAC Co-Chair) at, or

Sharon Sexton (Associate Director of Physical Education & Athletics & SAAC Advisor) at

How “Pio Points” works:

In an attempt to get more participation from the campus community at the variety of events sponsored throughout the year by Lewis & Clark College, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is hosting a community challenge called “Pio-Points.” We hope that encouraging a greater presence at events will help foster lasting relationships and a sense of belonging within the L&C community.

If you attend a Lewis & Clark College event (i.e. concert, sporting event, symposium event, theater performance, guest lecture etc.) and send the information via text or email you will receive the specified number of “Pio-Points.”

The individual with the most Pio-Points in each of the two separate scoring categories (Student, or Faculty/Staff) on April 28th will be crowned 2013-2014 “Pio-Point” Champion and will receive a substantial prize. The top (20) overall performers will also receive a prize.


When at an event please branch out, meet new people/students/faculty/staff, and be an active participant of the event. We encourage you to stay as long as possible at the event but recognize there is no way to track how long people are there. Please do not just drop by, send a text and leave. You may not receive points for an event that you are a participant in. We reserve the right to not allow points for events we deem unworthy or inappropriate.

How to receive points:

Text or e-mail your FULL NAME, YOUR DEPARTMENT, the EVENT YOU ARE ATTENDING and an attachment with a PICTURE OF YOU clearly showing you at the event to:


For more information:

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee