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Letter from President Glassner

November 26, 2013

To the Lewis & Clark community,

In light of heightened concerns on our campus and other campuses around the country, I am writing to reaffirm our commitment to respect and inclusion for everyone in our community.  

At Lewis & Clark, we believe that students learn best when they encounter perspectives, people, backgrounds, and experiences different from their own. Such conversations and relationships must be entered into with respect and open minds.

In 2007, the Board of Trustees endorsed the educational benefits of diversity, declaring that these benefits can be realized “only by enhancing and preserving the presence of students and education professionals from diverse backgrounds within our learning community.” People of all backgrounds, in other words, are welcome here and are to be treated as full members of the community. Underscoring again the centrality of diversity and inclusion, these values are hailed in “The Journey Forward,” our strategic plan for 2020 and beyond. Thus, diversity is not only an essential part of who we are today, but a key to the fulfillment of our strategic goals for the future.

These are the commitments we have made. And this is the commitment I reaffirm today. All are welcome at Lewis & Clark, regardless of their backgrounds and identities, and all will be treated with the respect, consideration, and generosity that define what it means to be a true community.

A variety of resources are available for those interested in continuing this discussion or in seeking support. Please visit this page on the diversity website for more information.

Thank you for joining me in recommitting to these principles, and in making Lewis & Clark a welcoming and inclusive campus.

Best regards,

President and Professor Barry Glassner 


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