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LiveWhale 1.5 update February 19

February 19, 2014 we will upgrade to the latest version of LiveWhale, 1.5. 



  • Refreshed look and feel, including many new refinements, a “Shortcuts” menu for frequently used pages, and a brand new Dashboard with customizable content tailored to your group.

  • Improved navigation management, including the ability to move pages into other submenus and improved options for linking to pages.

  • One-click bulk updating of pages to the current version of the template they’re based on.

  • Major improvements to events and calendaring: new repeating event options and the ability to edit repeat options of existing events, event cancellation, RSVP improvements, improved timezone awareness and much more.

  • Significant improvements to profiles: additional custom profile field types, profiling field syncing from external data sources, profile editing for non-LiveWhale users, custom profile fields now appear as options for filtering and formatting in the widget editor.

  • Much more granular approach to assigning permissions within LiveWhale for access to individual admin features.

  • Improvements to Places widgets (eg, pins in a Places widget are now color-coded by content type). 

  • “News” in LiveWhale has been renamed to “Stories” in back-end interfaces.

  • More! 

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