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Zipcar has a gift for you

December 09, 2013

Hello, Josh from Zipcar here.

Tis’ the season to show you Pioneers how deeply Zipcar Portland appreciates your membership(s) and give new folks a chance to take us out for a spin.

I am happy to extend $45 of free driving credit to all L&C  faculty/staff that apply to Zipcar for a PERSONAL account in December! Just join this month ($25), I recommend before December 18th, and I will make sure that you get this special seasonal promotion.

To join and/or scope more info -

As a Lewis & Clark employee you have access to a deeply discounted Zipcar membership and reduced rates on driving.

Already a member? I have a nice holiday gift of free driving for you too. Just shoot me a quick hello ( ).

So you know:

  • Once you activate your membership you’ll be able to reserve wheels online or via smartphone 24/7, unlock vehicles with your Zipcard, and simply drive away.
  • Every trip includes gas, insurance and 180 miles per day.
  • Members have convenient access by the hour or day.
  • There are a couple of cars right on campus but also hundreds around Portland proper plus thousands located in cities across the USA and beyond.
  • Your membership travels with you to every Zipcar city in the US, UK, Spain and Canada.
  • Zipcars probably live in your neighborhood, including SUVs, trucks & cargo vans, making it easy to tackle those bulky projects.

Well alright! Happy Holidays from your zippiest friends.



joshua force marketing coordinator

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