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Holmes Hall Fire Sprinkler Restoration

December 20, 2013

  • 4th floor lounge
    4th floor lounge
  • Residence room drying out
    Residence room drying out
  • 5th floor lounge
    5th floor lounge
  • 4th floor corridor
    4th floor corridor
  • Drying equipment on the exterior of Holmes
    Drying equipment on the exterior of Holmes

Edna L. Holmes Hall

As a result of the hard freezing temperatures, a valve in the attic fire sprinkler system broke and released water during the night of December 12th.  The students were relocated and crews brought in immediately to clean up the water damage.  After acceptable moisture content levels for the building are reached, thorough air and surface testing will be done to assure a healthy environment for occupants and the long term well being of the building.  Following those positive results, construction crews will make the necessary repairs to the systems, structures and finishes prior to spring semester.  Anticipate completion date is January 16, 2014.

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