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Annual notification of alcohol and other drug policies and programs

January 21, 2014

Dear Faculty & Staff,

Lewis & Clark College is committed to promoting the health and well-being of the entire College community.  Consistent with this commitment, the College annually distributes information about alcohol and drug policy, treatment resources, health and legal consequences related to the use of various substances, and related information to all community members. Please take the time to read these materials at this link:

If you or someone you know in our community ever experiences a problem with alcohol or drugs, we encourage you to talk with someone about your concerns.

Students can receive confidential consultation about alcohol and drug issues through the Counseling Service, the Student Health Service, or the Health Promotion and Wellness office.

Employees can receive support through Human Resources, the appropriate dean or supervisor, the employee assistance program, or appropriate health care providers off-campus.

Contact information for all of these resources is contained in the link above.

Melissa A Osmond, MPH, CHES
Associate Director for Health Promotion

For more information:

Health Promotion and Wellness