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Moodle Automatic Enrollment Q&A

January 23, 2014

Beginning in this term, registered students will no longer need to use an enrollment key to enroll themselves in their Moodle courses, but will instead be automatically enrolled based on course registration.

How does automatic enrollment work?

Enrollments are updated every 24 hours. If you are logging into Moodle for the first time, you may need to wait a day to be automatically enrolled in your class. When a student withdraws or drops a course, they are unenrolled from the Moodle course the following day. Unenrolled students cannot access and no longer appear in the Moodle gradebook. If necessary, students can be manually enrolled by a professor or Moodle system administrator.

Can I use one Moodle page for multiple sections of the same class?

Faculty teaching multiple sections of the same class who wish to use a single Moodle page can ask us to link course enrollments in Moodle.

What about non-curricular Moodle courses?

For non-curricular courses, continue to give students access, as you have in the past, by manually adding them, or giving them an enrollment key.

What if I don’t use Moodle?

If you don’t use Moodle, nothing will change for your students. Moodle courses must be made visible manually by a professor or administrator before students will see the course link in Moodle. Even if you don’t make your page visible, you can still log into Moodle to download your student roster. Finally, you can make your course visible at anytime during the semester with the assurance that registered students will be able to access any posted materials quickly and easily.

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