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Information Technology

Classroom Computer Changes

January 23, 2014

Information Technology has replaced the computers used in all classrooms across the Fir Acres campus. It was a massive undertaking, but well worth it! Some of the benefits of the upgrade include solid state hard drives for faster computer boot times, access to both a Macintosh operating system or a virtual Windows operating system (via an icon on the desktop), and, in some rooms, updated PowerPoint presentation capabilities.

With these improvements come hardware changes that may impact faculty teaching in the classrooms. In the virtual Windows environment, some shortcut keys may work differently, and the extended desktop function is currently unavailable. Also, new Mac Minis being installed have no CD drives. This is an Apple design change with the new generation of Mac Minis, which no longer include a disc drive. While the classroom racks do have DVD players which also play audio CDs, if needed, you may check out a USB CD drive from the IT front office for

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new setup.