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Information Technology

Mobile Security: Protect Yourself by Securing Your Mobile Devices

January 27, 2014

Don’t forget about information security when it comes to your smartphone or tablet. Just like your computer, being wise about how you use and maintain your mobile device will help protect your personal information and privacy.

Mobile Security Checklist:

  1. Stay Updated – Always apply software updates
  2. Password Protect – Enable the password/PIN option
  3. Trusted Apps Only – Download apps from trusted marketplaces
  4. People You Know Only – Give your mobile number to people you know
  5. Disable Geo-Tagging – Learn how to disable geo-tagging on your device
  6. Limit Behavior on Wi-Fi Hotspots – Try not to conduct sensitive business
  7. Secure Web URL – Look for https:// or shttp:// when banking and shopping
  8. File a Complaint – Unsolicited texts, telemarketing, spam can be reported with the FTC