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What to expect with the next LiveWhale upgrade, Feb 19, 2014

by Morgan S. Grether

Late in the afternoon of Feb 19, 2014, we are upgrading our LiveWhale content management system. When you log in on the 20th, you will notice an overall refresh to the look and feel, as well as some big improvements to the functionality, for instance:

  • Improvements to events and calendaring: new repeating event options and the ability to edit repeat options of existing events, event cancellation, RSVP improvements, improved timezone awareness and more.
  • News is now called stories. This will better represent the purpose of that tool and the wide range of possibilities it has.
  • Manage Your Content is now the dashboard. The content on the welcome page there has been improved to be more helpful for you. For example, there is now a list of your most popular pages.
  • You can now add “shortcuts” within the dashboard to jump you quickly to areas you use frequently.
  • “Your Pages” is now navigation.
  • Better interface for working with your navigation menu, including the ability to move pages into other submenus and improved options for linking to pages.
  • Pages now lists all pages within your group. The file browser screen has now moved to the new Superpowers menu, on the top left.
  • The widget manager has also moved to the Superpowers menu, on the top left.
  • Better tools for managing profiles.
  • And more! Take a look through the release notes from 

Also, we in New Media are rolling out new homepage templates for your groups this semester. 

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