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LiveWhale 1.5 Upgrade Post Issues and Best Practices

Dates display PDT/PST

Problem: Dates in posts display with an added PDT/PST format. While this is correct, this needs to be removed.

Solution: New Media and WhiteWhale are working on a solution.

Digital Screens

Problem: Events with set dates and times are shifted 8 hours forward. Images are not displaying.

Solution: This is fixed.

Photo sizes and cropping in galleries

Problem: display of some photos in inline galleries don’t display correctly (e.g., short of width).

Solution: Replace the image with a larger version of the original image.

Best Practices: Uploaded images should be high resolution. As a rule of thumb, minimum widths should be 700 pixels at 72 ppi (pixels per inch).

Calendar: Repeating Events

Problem: repeating and multi-day events are showing all events in event lists/feeds.

Solution: Turn off the “show every instance” for the widget.

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