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Student violinist plays with Oregon Symphony, organophosphates

March 05, 2014

  • 2014 MetroArts Young Artist winners, including Kristina Dill ’15

Kristina Dill ’15 began exploring her passion for science and music at a young age.

She picked up her first violin at age three and took her first chemistry class at Lewis & Clark when she was just 15. Now Dill is studying how to degrade organophosphate toxins, reducing VX nerve gas to less toxic levels. And, as one of the 2014 MetroArts Young Artist winners, she’ll soon perform Maurice Ravel’s Tzigane with members of the Oregon Symphony.

“I’ve always been interested in both science and music,” Dill recently told All Classical Radio’s On Deck. “After I graduate from Lewis & Clark, I plan to go to music conservatory and then after that to medical school. I’d really like to have a career as both a professional musician and possibly as a scientist as well.”

Dill spent eight years performing with the Portland Youth Philharmonic, an orchestra that she grew up watching every Saturday with her mother. She currently performs with the Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra and is one of their youngest members. Dill is also committed to volunteering in the music community.

“I currently help teach with the Bravo Youth Orchestra,” Dill said. “The after-school program tries to break the cycle of poverty through music education and instill values of self-discipline, confidence, and pursuit of excellence in education in children, which is a very rewarding experience.”

Dill’s On Deck interview includes a performance of Ernest Bloch’s Nigun. Dill will also perform with members of the Oregon Symphony at the 20th annual Young Artists Debut concert on April 1 at the Newmark Theatre.

Conducted by Niel DePonte, the concert will include violin concertos of Ravel, Lalo, Sarasate, and Bach; piano concertos of Beethoven, St. Saens, and Chopin; as well as arias from La Traviata and Orfeo. The performance will be broadcast by All Classical Radio.

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