March 12, 2014

Building for the Future

Our Center for Entrepreneurship helps students put their liberal arts education into action.

At Lewis & Clark, we see entrepreneurship as the practical application of the liberal arts—a natural extension of what we do in the classroom. The Center for Entrepreneurship brings together students, faculty, and alumni from all three of our schools to imagine—and build—a better future.

Currently, the Center for Entrepreneurship offers courses, workshops, and a weeklong seminar held over winter break. The aim of the center is to complement a liberal arts education with additional tools, insights, and connections to support the transition from graduation to entrepreneurial success.

  • “If we talk about Lewis & Clark students being explorers blazing new trails, the entrepreneurship initiative really embodies that idea.” — Amber Case BA ’08

  • “This is about thinking entrepreneurially—innovating, creating, communicating, leading. It is putting the liberal arts into action.” — Brian Detweiler-Bedell, Academic Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

  • “Entrepreneurship at its best is about creating important change that improves lives.” — Michael Kaplan, Managing Director, Center for Entrepreneurship

This semester, teams of students and recent alumni are invited to apply to the Incubator+Launch Seed Fund. Four to six teams will be selected to develop their ventures with support of the fund. Periodically, teams will be invited to pitch their ventures to a panel of experts, with the opportunity to secure investments of $10,000 to $20,000.

Learn more in A New Start-up on Campus by Romel Hernandez, originally published in The Chronicle Magazine.



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