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President Glassner appoints Steverson chair of Diversity and Inclusion

April 11, 2014

President Barry Glassner has appointed Professor Janet Steverson, the Douglas K. Newell Professor of Teaching Excellence at the Lewis & Clark Law School, to chair the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

This special advisory committee reviews and recommends initiatives across the institution to promote and improve diversity and inclusion in the College’s programs and practices. 

“An experienced and respected teacher, scholar, and facilitator, Professor Steverson will be a superb committee chair,” President Glassner said. “I am certain that the committee will continue to make progress with her as its leader and build on the promising start achieved this semester.”

Steverson’s appointment follows the departure of the former committee chair, Dean Tuajuanda Jordan.

Steverson will continue to serve in her role as chair of the Bias-Policy Committee.

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