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Commercial Aspirations

April 16, 2014

The skills learned during a liberal arts education—critical and creative thinking, analytical reasoning, global literacy, and the ability to collaborate across disciplines—allow Lewis & Clark students to pursue diverse career paths. Remy Neymarc, a Third Culture Kid from Paris, came to campus with an interest in photography and now has a Super Bowl commercial on his resume.

During his sophomore year, Neymarc ventured into video production with his brother Andrew. It wasn’t long before they were winning top honors in an international advertising competition and creating a two-minute video about Lewis & Clark.



Remy Neymarc recently wrote and directed a 30-second spot for Chevrolet, and currently is in preproduction for his first short film. On April 23, the brothers will talk about their burgeoning film careers in a Fireside Chat presented by the Center for Entrepreneurship.

We recently asked Remy to tell us a little about his time at Lewis & Clark.

How did your Lewis & Clark education prepare you for your career?

I think Lewis & Clark prepared me for life, instead of my career. I acquired three things there: a love for learning, confidence, and problem-solving skills. Growing up in France and going through French public school was not easy, because I felt the education system was based on competition and rankings rather than actual acquisition of knowledge. However, within my first days at Lewis & Clark, I met professors who were truly passionate about their material and wanted to pass on their knowledge in creative and sustainable ways. This changed the way I saw education completely, and sparked a true love for learning that I carry to this day.

What skills do you draw on from your liberal arts education in your day-to-day life?

My job as a writer, director, and cinematographer constantly requires that I solve many unpredictable problems that arise across preproduction, production, and postproduction. Although I specialized in computer science at Lewis & Clark, the methods of thinking and brainstorming that I was taught by my professors are universal, and they help me overcome almost any obstacle.

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