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Summer 2014: Grounds Department Student Employees

June 12, 2014

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    Jesse Brooks ‘14, Faith Bendelow ‘16, and Greg Geraldo ‘16 weed and clean eastern campus.
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    Walker Davis '15 weeds by Forest's Spruce building.

This Q&A is the first in a series produced by the Facilities Services department to spotlight and applaud its summer student employees.


Lewis & Clark is well known for its beautiful campus, though students often forget the hard work it takes to maintain that beauty. Most of the maintenance and landscaping is done by full-time professional staff in Facilities Services, but over the summer students have the opportunity to help out. This summer, a group of 6 different students arrive to campus bright and early to help weed and clean the grounds. The job gives them the opportunity to develop good work ethic in an environment where they can give back to their college.


Gabe Bishop, the Grounds Supervisor at Lewis & Clark, oversees the Student Grounds Crew. Their team helps support Gabe’s full-time staff to prepare the campus for numerous summer events: 3 different graduation ceremonies for Lewis & Clark’s three school, multiple summer weddings, and undergraduate events like Alumni Weekend. Primarily, the students’ job is to help keep the grounds looking neat and aesthetically pleasing in order to make current students feel at home and incite future students to attend. However, the students achieve more than that. They develop skills necessary to work in groups, problem solve, and learn independence on the job. They also learn what it takes to maintain Lewis & Clark’s “small city”, as Gabe calls it—from the HVAC systems under every building to the solar panels on top of Pamplin. The student workers bring a new perspective to the table, helping bridge the gap between students at LC and the hardworking staff that run it.


The following Q&A features Grounds Crew student workers:

  • Walker Davis ’15, Political Science
  • Jesse Brooks, Dec ’14, Political Science
  • Faith Bendelow ’16, French and Mathematics
  • Greg Geraldo ’16, Psychology


What will you take from this experience to future jobs?

Walker: Attention to detail.image

Jesse: Communication and mindfulness.

Greg: Team work, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Faith: Independence and dedication.

All: SAFETY!! Friendship, patience, and a lot of botany and ecology!


imageFavorite part of summer work for Lewis & Clark?

All: The golf cart is fun to drive around! Being outside is nice. Waking up early is great once you get used to it.

Greg: It’s fun to be on campus when no one else is here and to connect with the professional community.


 Advice for future Lewis & Clark students?

All: Get a job! Start looking soon! Try to wake up earlier!

Jesse: But don’t be in a hurry.

Walker: Get out of downtown and see parts of the city that the Pio doesn’t serve! And take as many hard classes as you can—this education lasts the rest of your life.

Greg: Opportunities come from everywhere. Don’t be afraid to talk to people! People in the LC community want to help


Other features to come:

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