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Trouble with Page Edits? Three bugs

To learn about page editing see the following:

If you are still having trouble, it may be because of three software bugs we have identified; they are being worked on and will be fixed soon. 

(1)  The first involves some mice on PCs: Some LiveWhale users have found they cannot use right-click mouse options when editing text. For example, they cannot paste text from the mouse itself, but must use a keyboard shortcut [ctrl-v] or the pulldown Edit menu.

Here are some common keyboard shortcuts to help you: 

Copy: ctrl-c
Paste: ctrl-v
Cut: ctrl-x
Bold: ctrl-b
Italicize: ctrl-i
Select all: ctrl-a
Undo: ctrl-z

(2)  Another bug involves paragraphing. Sometimes there is a problem with the HTML code of text you are editing (often the result of importing old, bad code from out of Trillium), and LiveWhale cannot know what to do with text that has no paragraph <p> tags.  The text then jumps either to the top or bottom of your page.  The solution is to open the HTML window on the right of the Editing Toolbar and add <p> and </p> around the text that jumps. 

(3)  The third bug involves “cleared” new pages. If you create a new page and check the “clear page contents” box, you can find the text area completely empty and difficult to start working with.  The solution is to hit [ENTER] or [RETURN] and start typing; you may need to hit [SAVE] and then go back into editing again for the page to display well.

Again, all three of these bugs are being worked on by White Whale, the LiveWhale developers.

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