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Class Notes - 2010s

June 11, 2014


Brad Elkins B.A. is the national political director at the Truman National Security Project and Center for National Policy, where he designs and implements the Truman Project’s strategy to build political power and influence. He consults and advises federal and state candidates on national security messaging, organizing veterans and military families, and effective campaign strategies and tactics. In 2012, Elkins worked with more than 80 Congressional campaigns and with 21 freshman members of Congress to transition them and their staffs to Capitol Hill. When not working to grow America’s next generation of leaders on national security, Elkins can be found cycling the streets of Washington, D.C., a passion he discovered while living in Portland (a place he likes to call home, though he is a native of Pasadena, California).


Class Correspondent: Josh Cohn

Ryan Bubriski B.A., Will Fortini B.A., and Zac Tobias B.A. have seen their mushroom start-up, the Portland Mushroom Company, expand fourfold as of January 2014. This has enabled Bubriski and Fortini to drop their part-time jobs, while Tobias continues his work as a neuroscience lab tech at Lewis & Clark. The Portland Mushroom Company won first place in Lewis&Clark’s 2013 Venture Competition,as detailed in the winter 2014 issue of the Chronicle.

Molly Honoré J.D. was appointed to the board of the U.S. District Court of Oregon Historical Society. Honoré is a member of Tonkon Torp’s litigation department, where she handles contract, commercial, and real estate disputes, as well as civil rights and constitutional law matters.

Juliette Nolan B.A. joined Caroline Lovell, founder of the nonprofit Women’s Wisdom Initiative, on a five week trip called “Shelter to Shelter,” where they brought voice, healing, and wisdom to survivors of domestic violence and other forms of repression. At each shelter, they presented residents with homemade post- cards created by other women in similar circumstances elsewhere, and then led art workshops to create more inspirational traveling postcards, which they would deliver to the next shelter along their journey. They traveled from Oregon, through Wyoming, Illinois, South Dakota, Kansas, West Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, and New Mexico.

Alisa Tanaka B.A. produces social media content at TEDxSalford in the United Kingdom.


Corey O’Hara B.A., playwright, and Nate Cohen B.A., director, produced a new play, Middle Names, for Portland’s 2014 Fertile Ground Festival. They successfully raised $4,027, surpassing their original goal of $3,000 on Kickstarter. Middle Names focuses on three relative strangers brought together by the death of a mutual friend. Jahnavi Caldwell-Green B.A. ’12, Brandon Cieslak CAS ’15, and Liz Ghiz acted in the play. Hannah Brunner CAS ’14 and Trevor Sargent CAS ’16 were crew members for the production.

Kristina Williams, Lewis & Clark’s most decorated NCAA women’s basketball player, was recently awarded an NCAA Women’s Enhancement Program Postgraduate Scholarhip to pursue a master’s degree in sport and exercise studies at Smith College. She will also serve as a graduate assistant for the women’s basketball program.

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