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Intern Profile: Zoe Bostick BA ’14

June 25, 2014

Zoe Bostick BA ’14

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: San Jose, California

Can you tell us what you’re doing this summer? What are your basic duties as an intern?

This summer I’m working in the Banker Lab at Oregon Health & Science University. The Banker Lab studies selective protein transport in hippocampal neurons to ascertain how cargo proteins are trafficked to their correct destination, an essential process for neuronal signaling. We use a novel technique to identify interactions between motor proteins, namely kinesins, and cargoes by redirecting kinesins and looking for a change in the expression pattern of cargoes. I transfect DNA constructs into cultured neurons, apply linker drug, mount the cells to microscope slides, use fluorescence microscopy to assess the presence (or absence) of motor protein interactions, and report my results back to the rest of the lab.

How has Lewis & Clark supported you in the process of finding, securing, and funding your internship?

My professors at Lewis & Clark were a huge source of support when I first became interested in doing research at OHSU. Assistant Professor of Biology Tamily Weissman-Unni helped me find labs I was interested in, write my cover letter, and contact the Banker Lab. After volunteering for a semester, I was hooked on research and applied for the Miller Summer Internship Award through Lewis & Clark. Since I am originally from San Jose, with the Miller award I’m able to stay in Portland to continue working at OHSU.

How do you see this internship leading to a career in your chosen field and aiding in your overall career development?

During my time in the Banker Lab, I’ve realized how strong my passion is for science and research, particularly in the areas of cell biology and neuroscience. Now that I know that I want to pursue a career in research, I’m trying to determine which positions within a lab I’d be best suited for and the steps I’ll need to take to get there. I’m incredibly grateful to Lewis & Clark for providing me with this opportunity to discover and pursue my future aspirations.

The purpose of the Miller Summer Internship Award is to underwrite or supplement expenses of students at Lewis & Clark College who are engaged in scientific research internships in the mathematical and natural sciences. This opportunity is made possible by a generous grant from the Miller Foundation. 

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