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Intern Profile: Greg Geraldo ’16

July 17, 2014

Greg Geraldo ’16

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Yuba City, California

Can you tell us what you’re doing this summer? What are your basic duties as an intern?
I’m working in the Developmental ADHD Research Lab at Oregon Health & Science University under Joel Nigg. My primary role in the lab is a tester. As a tester, I work with children while they perform activities and psychological tests in order to collect data.
How has Lewis & Clark supported you in the process of finding, securing, and funding your internship?
Lewis & Clark provided me the opportunity to work as an intern as well as a way to pay for the cost of living over the summer. I had one professor in particular help me prepare my resume, market myself academically, and even help facilitate a meeting between the lead researcher and myself prior to my acceptance.
How do you see this internship leading to a career in your chosen field and aiding in your overall career development?
Although my future career is still undecided, the experiences I’ve had in the lab so far have given me valuable tools for working in a professional research setting. With everything from learning to work with a new staff to the technicalities involved in precise data entry, this internship has been and continues to be a remarkably empowering experience. Hopefully, this is the first of many to come.
Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your experience thus far?
Without the support of Lewis & Clark, I would not have been able to find, apply for, or finance this work. Lewis & Clark’s commitment to engaging students in their passion continues to amaze me, and I am very grateful for the support.

The purpose of the Miller Summer Internship Award is to underwrite or supplement expenses of students at Lewis & Clark College who are engaged in scientific research internships in the mathematical and natural sciences. This opportunity is made possible by a generous grant from the Miller Foundation. 

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