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Alumni Profile: Emily Deichsel ’09

July 28, 2014

Emily Deichsel B.A. ’09

Major: Chemistry 
Hometown: Longview, Washington

What made you choose Lewis & Clark?

I was looking for small liberal arts college in the Northwest where I could also play basketball. Lewis & Clark felt like a change from high school and the right challenge for college.

What was your favorite class at Lewis & Clark?

Biochemistry with Janis Lochner, Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. Professor of Science.

What is your favorite off-the-court memory from Lewis & Clark?

Studying abroad, weekend trips with friends, and hour-and-a-half-long dinners in the Bon with the team.

What are you doing currently?

I am currently working in Cusco, Peru on a nine month Fulbright-Fogarty Fellowship where I am doing global health research focused on infectious diseases. I will be moving to Seattle, WA in this summer to start a Ph.D. program in Epidemiology. I also lived in Los Angeles for two years where I earned a master’s degree in public health.

Who or what was your greatest resource at Lewis & Clark when it came to determining your current career path?

The greatest resource was the liberal arts education. It taught me how to learn and how to ask questions. It sparked my interest in a variety of topics and gave me an appreciation for interdisciplinary study.

How did basketball influence your college experience?

The people I met through basketball had the greatest influence. I may not have crossed paths with many of my best friends if not for basketball.

What is your most memorable on-the-court moment from college?

Beating the nationally ranked University of Puget Sound women’s basketball team my freshman year. That game was nearly flawless.

How do you think you changed as a person from your first day at Lewis & Clark to your last?

I became more confident, smarter and stronger. I learned how to be a leader and how to be independent.

Is there any advice you would give someone considering going to Lewis & Clark?

Go with your gut. Lewis & Clark is a beautiful and inspiring place.

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